Friday, January 4, 2013

Malifaux modeling

Yes, Hobby ADD strikes again.  A buddy of mine expressed interest in trying out Malifaux.  That motivated me to pull out the Ramos starter box that I shelved three years ago, when Malifaux fell to the backburner.  I actually have the Gremlins and Marcus crews fully painted and ready to play (and half of Zoraida).  But one reason I was disenchanted with Malifaux is the volume and complexity of the special rules for each model, along with all of the brain-burning combos and synergies.  The Gremlins were not only one of the worst crews guilty of that down side, but they're relatively underpowered on top of that.  Marcus and Zoraida aren't much better.  That's why I picked up Ramos -- to attempt the game again with a simpler crew.  But then the whole game faded to the background....

Filing mould lines off of these Ramos models reminded me of another reason that I'm disenchanted with Malifaux.  The minis are so damn tiny and fiddly.  You can see two legs are already broken for the tiny arachnids.  Malifaux models are very poor models for gaming, because they're so delicate.  Ridiculous, really.  I know, gripe, gripe.  Sorry, I"m fresh off this task.  And I haven't even attempted gluing these little bastards together yet!

My buddy, Steve, and I plan to play a learning game next week.  Steve is already frustrated, trying to understand the rules.  He's reading the 1.5 big book.  I have the mini-book, which I think is better presented, but still, I know what he's going through.  I still have a few pages on the Wyrd forum from 3 years ago, trying to figure out how the Pigcharge works....

Anyway, I think we're going to have one or two chances for this game, before Steve decides whether to invest.  Still, it's a motivator to put together the Ramos crew and see if the game feels smoother using a simpler faction.

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