Friday, January 25, 2013

Another game of Malifaux

We played a 4-player free-for-all on Thursday night.  To keep it simple, we played the Shared Strategy, "Claim Jump", which is basically 'King of the Hill'.

My Ramos faction is in the lower-left, opposite Wyatt's Viktorias.  The other corners are a mirror-match between two Lady Justice factions, Tim on the lower-right and Wyatt's wife, Katherine, on the upper-left.  The disc in the center is our common objective marker.  Let's get it on!

Middle of Turn 2, and everyone is jockeying for position and making initial thrusts and parries.  The Steamborg lets off some steam to protect Ramos while he scavenges for spare parts to build more Steampunk Arachnids.  The Death Marshals have never encountered such a monstrosity, and they are rightly unsure how (or if) to approach it.  On the opposite side of the board, a Death Marshal has pine-boxed Taelor, I think it was, only to be gunned down by the Viktoria crew, rescuing the coffin-victim.  Other members of the faction shoot and swing at each other through holes in the wall.

Katherine's Lady J crew has their eye on the objective and bring the unit in-force.

Everyone's forces are pulled and tugged and scattered, as everyone continues to jockey for position and either look for flanking opportunities or, from the opposite side of the coin, catch the loners.  The Death Marshal attempts to escape the clutches of the Steamborg, but the Steamborg manages to twice catch the hem of the Marshal's overcoat on the points of his lobster scissor-hands (both duels were tied, barely giving the win to the Steamborg).  Soon after this photo was taken, Ramos fries the Death Marshal, only to have the Death Marshal die in a blaze of glory, unloading his gun into the Steamborg and filling it full of lead, bringing it down to half-strength.

The evening comes to a close, and so everyone rushes the objective.   The two Lady J's provide entertainment for all players, as the justice-serving ladies engage in a catfight bitch-out.  Katherine's Lady J emerges victorious.

Everyone makes it to the objective, except for Ramos' faction.  That is, until the Steamborg performs the last activation in the round.  He skittles with terrifying speed to the objective and proceeds to decapitate a Viktoria, robbing Wyatt's place in a 3-way tie, all to the tune of "Something for Nothing" by Rush.  Huzzah!

Curb-stomp, beeatch!

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