Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Arachnids

Having played my first Malifaux game with Ramos, I felt shorthanded not having an extra Steampunk Arachnid in the crew.  If I lose just one of my three starter Arachnids, I can't form a Steampunk Arachnid Swarm.  Having the Swarm is key, because not only is it more powerful, but it can self-heal and repair all of the constituent Arachnids.  Having the individual Arachnids is important, too, so that you gain more activations over your opponent and force him or her to reveal their strategy.

So....here are more Arachnids entering the steampunk assembly line.  The newer models are better casts, because they come in one piece instead of three fiddly pieces that require you to glue on tiny, fragile legs.  Here are the models with their legs filed down to remove the flash and to give an impression of sharp blades.

Soon to follow will be an Electrical Creation, a Mobile Toolkit, a Soulstone Miner, a Large Steampunk Arachnid, Union Miners, and Willie the Demolitionist.

I just received word today that my date to play Alkemy just fell through.  That sucks on one hand, but it's probably a blessing-in-disguise, so that I can concentrate on what I should really be focusing on.  Which is probably Carnevale and Dust Warfare and definitely my diorama for Crystal Brush.  I'm going to follow my current motivation for a just a little while longer, though, and finish assembling the Eden starter pack and expanding my Ramos Malifaux crew.  I figure I have a little bit of time to pursue these current larks.


  1. Those bases look great: are you getting them with the figures or from a separate source?

  2. They're the "Town Square" bases by Secret Weapon. I remember you noticed the manhole cover that Ramos is standing on. That's from the same set. There were manhole covers as well on the bases for the first batch of Arachnids. There are 3 different versions. One of the spiders is on a base that is entirely a manhole cover. The Arachnid Swarm shows a manhole cover partly open, so I tried to show the spiders all crawling out of it. Hopefully, that will be more apparent when I paint it. The manhole covers are imprinted with the phrase "Foul Sewer", ha, ha.

  3. Oh, just so everyone knows, the models come with standard, generic black slotted bases, not the ones shown on the profile card.


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