Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Malifaux - Ramos

I hosted a paint evening with 3 buds -- hanging around a table, painting models, shooting the breeze, and listening to music.  A nice evening.  This is how far I got on Ramos in a couple of hours.  I'm torn on whether to add color to his pants or not.  I definitely want to do something with his bag, if nothing more than color it brown, but I'm tempted to add a pattern, even try a subdued carpet-bag look.  I hesitate, though, because I don't want other elements of the model to compete with the central focus of the face and the flame.  Tough choices.


  1. Yes, my instinct would be to paint the bag with a plaid pattern, but then it would certainly call too much attention away from the flame and face! The base actually looks really good--mildew or moss appears to be growing on the paving stones beside the metallic manhole cover.

    I look forward to seeing what the accompanying constructs look like after they get some attention from your brush!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Aaron!

    I think I'm going to leave the pants as they are. I feel a little guilty, since I barely touched them with paint, but I like the look of it, and I don't want to invest too much time into any one miniature intended for gaming. I risk burning out on the unit, if I devote too much concentration on the first couple of models. That said, I do have several ideas for the bag (I may spend some time before deciding which one), and I'm going to add some weathering to the manhole cover.


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