Sunday, January 6, 2013

Malifaux Modeling (continued)

 I am currently extremely sour on Malifaux -- the Ramos faction just surpassed the Bayou Gremlins as my low point in assembling miniatures.  Grrr. 

Too many frikkin' tiny pieces...

Kit-bashing a base for the Steamborg Executioner.  

I glued that punk's 4 legs an average of 2 or 3 times apiece, before getting it to work.  The thing only balances when you finally manage to glue on the third leg, if you're lucky.  Once establishing the desired poses with superglue, I attempted to reglue them with my old reliable, 2-part epoxy.  Didn't work for this mini.  The weight on the leg forces the join to separate, even after waiting a full 5 minutes for the epoxy to dry.  I ended up using the trick of using a dab of paper towel in combination with super-glue.  That requires follow-up work to remove the excess fibers.  I resorted to burning some of them off with a lighter!

Here's the assembled crew. 

I recommend novice modellers avoid this crew.  It is an absolute bear.  And it's so fragile, I'm paranoid to use it in the game.  This is one of those occasional times when I really appreciate Games Workshop.  They balance their designs among aesthetic, ease-of-production, ease-of-assembly, and durability for tabletop gaming.

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