Monday, January 7, 2013

Battle Report - Warhammer 40K

I almost forgot to post the game I played Saturday night!  There's not much to post actually -- only 5 pictures.  I might as well just show them all here, instead of linking to the Picasa album like I normally do.

My friend, Campbell, and I are continuing to evolve and test our lists.  These games are more instructional than competitive.  Campbell added new models to his Necron force, including the battle-barge thing and the scythe fighter aircraft thing.

4 out of 5 of the photos show deployment.  Everything looks so wonderful at the start of the battle.  Hopes are high.  The armies look dashing.  No wonder I take so many photos of deployment.  Then everything goes to hell, of course.

Here's a view from the Necron side.

Closeups of the battlelines, in neat order.  I'll paint that terrain one of these days!

My new Devilfish making its appearance.  I haven't touched it since Christmas.  It will be on hold until I get more figures assembled in preparation for Demo Day.

No doubt, all you Tau players immediately saw my horrible deployment error -- placing the Broadsides on the line.  I should have had them in the backfield, where they would be entirely out of range of enemy weapons.  Stupid mistake.  Pretty much cost me the game.  Here's the setup for my eventual annihilation.  The Broadsides are nowhere to be seen.....   Live and learn!

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