Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Game of Dust Warfare

I finally played a game of Dust Warfare.  This is only my second game.  It's been so long since the first game, I was practically relearning it.  However, there's a huge difference between learning this game and learning Warhammer 40K.  About 100 pages of rules different!  Dust Warfare is so much simpler.  And I like the core mechanics so much better for this type of tabletop combat.  The reaction system and the suppression system make so much more sense.  And the combat resolution is much faster, which means your focus can be more on the larger scale of the battle.

Here, I make my usual boneheaded mistakes on deployment.  Let's see what happens if I charge my close combat troops across the bridge into the direct fire of the enemy!

I'm using my FUDGE dice as Dust Warfare dice.  FUDGE dice are awesome.  I never get to use them, so this works out really well.

The first game is a slaughter, so we run it again, this time with more terrain (the trees), which is recommended for the game, and now we see why.  I also change my strategy, and I send my shooters ahead of my close combat zombies and gorillas, so that I can lay down suppression fire.

Storm the bridge, men!  Uh, you, too, mindless zombies.....

The new strategy works.  I manage to suppress the opposing forces enough to move my zombies into close combat, and....well, they're power-fisted, evil zombies -- I'm sure you know how it ends...

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  1. Great idea with the Fudge dice! The "-" sides are just ignored as blanks and the "+" sides count as hits, simple enough.


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