Friday, January 25, 2013

Dystopian Legions unboxing

New shiny!  This is what I hoped to spend my Christmas money on, but it was unavailable at the game store.  I ended up purchasing it online from FRP Games, my go-to hobby store.

You get really good value for money.  All of this for $60 or $70.  Excellent components and a rulebook, cards, and tokens of high print-production quality.  You have everything you need to play a game, minus an opponent with a starter box of their own.  The metal minis alone are probably what you'd pay for the same price. 

After constructing fiddly Malifaux minis, these beefy single-cast figures are a welcome relief!  Now these figures are made for gaming.

That said, they do have a few flaws with their casting. 

The sword tip.  That looks like simple flash from this angle, but it's actually a little deformed.  Filing it will result in a "cut" in the blade, unless I fill it with green stuff. 

A warped gun.  I'm skeptical whether this will straighten out.

Some serious mould lines that will require some time to file down.

All that said, the figures will be easier to deal with than most of the minis I've been working on for other games.  And they have great poses and character.  Very exciting.  And every model is different!  Very nice.

I could compliment the figures for their detail, but they have the benefit of scope-creep.  ;-)

Here is a figure next to a Warhammer human (Bretonnian).

These are not the same scale!

We're looking at 27mm to the eye, versus 35mm to the eye.

No biggie.  It's not like you can proxy these minis for another game anyway.  I think it will be nice to have a slightly larger scale, for ease-of-painting and ease-of-play.

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  1. Good to read you're aboard with Legions! I've added some Reaper steampunk figures to my force, and they seem to match all right in scale with my Japanese. I think the problem with your Prussians is they're all 6'6" tall Grenadiers! But everyone in the Dystopian Wars universe is at least six feet tall, even the Blazing Sun Imperials.


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