Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adepticon Diary - Entry #5 - Other wargames

This entry showcases some of the other games going on at Adepticon.  I'm a big fan of seeing more variety of games at tabletop gaming conventions, and that direction certainly seems to be the wave of the future.

Unfortunately, I missed taking photos of the Malifaux tournament, the Kings of War tournament, the Lord of the Rings tournament, the Deep Wars demo, and the Freeblades demo, but here are a few pics of Warmachine and Wreck Age.

The Warmachine tournament room.

The #1 table.  An awesome trench board.  I want one!

The #2 table.  Bridge over a frozen river.  Fantastic attention to detail.

Here is the display case, showing studio paint-jobs.  Someone said Matt Wilson painted some of these.  I apologize for the yellow cast.  I thought my auto white balance would take care of all of that.  Nope.  I did what I could to correct it in Picasa.

Below is another pic borrowed from the Bad Dice Facebook gallery.  Those guys take better pictures than I do.  It looks like their white balance is right on.  I have no excuses.

Back to my shots, taken through an amber filter apparently.  Shows good detail, though.

My faves, the Trollkin.

This would be such an awesome model.  But I think Privateer Press has gone overboard with the multi-layered, super-filigree, spikey plate armor.  Still, I love this concept, and I always dug the cavalry riding the reindeer.

Now here's a newer post-apocalyptic game called Wreck Age.  I spoke with Matt, one of the founders, several times.  Matt has great energy and loves what he's doing and really cares about how he's running the business.  I wish him great success.

And I want these terrain boards.

But that's why I take pictures -- so that I can draw inspiration to make my own.

Matt was very kind to remove the glass so that I could take close-up pics of the models.

A great variety of characters.  So much personality and variety of kit.  Excellent basing, too.

The biker-looking dude on the right is one of my favorites.  I found out later that you got a free miniature, if you played a demo.  I had every intention to play a demo, but I got distracted all weekend.  Bummer.  I could have scored a miniature!

So Mad Max.

Nice to see a non-action pose in the mix.

The next post will explore more gaming figs for skirmish games, photographed in the vendor hall!


  1. Fantastic bases on those Wreck Age models, as you say. I especially love that earth... what the heck did he use? So many different sizes of grains in there... scales really well as churned up dirt.

  2. I'm not sure what he uses, but I scooped up some sand, gravel, and dirt beside the curb in a parking lot one day, and the variety of grain size from that scavenge operation compares to what these Wreck Age bases show. That one acquisition has lasted me years, too. I also mix batches of the store-bought sands and ballasts. Some mixes need to be painted, but I have one, pre-mixed with flock, which is natural-colored enough to just use directly. I read somewhere (probably on Massive Voodoo) that Roman Lappat uses natural earth.


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