Sunday, May 5, 2013

Adepticon Diary - Entry #6 - Crystal Brush overall

Here are some of my pics of the Crystal Brush.  It's great to have close-ups of so many styles and techniques, which I can study as I work on future projects.

Here is what the display looked like on Saturday, when the number of entries was sparse enough that it still looked like I might have a chance at a trophy, ha, ha.

There's my piece, "Border Dispute", in the cabinet.  I'll save close-ups for a future blog entry, when I take better pictures, worthy of uploading to the Cool Mini Or Not website.  I still have hopes of earning an 8.0 so that I can make it into the CMON Annual.

Raffaele Picca's masterpiece.  Still my favorite from the whole show.  This piece was #2 in the Diorama division, which was the division I competed in.  I need to pick a different division for next year........

My white balance is off, so unfortunately there's some yellow cast.

The #1 piece in Dioramas.

The #3 piece in Dioramas.

And the #4 piece in Dioramas, the Pied Piper.  Again, one of my favorite pieces in the entire show, due to its creativity and whimsy.

The little mechanical rat automatons!

My piece came after the Pied Piper, of which I'm plenty proud.

This was a stunning piece by a Russian artist.  The Russian's have a reputation for painting very finely detailed patterns in the fabrics.


Some other trophy winners.

The next three are by Conrad Mynett, with whom I had the pleasure to meet and chat with several times.  He won 4 or 5 Crystal Brushes.

This piece by Conrad was underappreciated, I think.  It's the Colossus of Rhodes.  Those are little ships sailing under the figure.  Conrad scratchbuilt the ships, the harbor, and the village houses.  The piece as a whole is incredibly tiny, not to mention how miniscule the hand-sculped ships (and oars!) are.

Here are two pieces by Justin McCoy of Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I used to associate him with only tanks, but now I know he's damn good figure painter as well.  So good that he won two Crystal Brushes!

I really like this alien he did.  Looks very realistic and believable, almost like a movie special effect.

And here are some more entries that really grabbed my attention.  They might not have won trophies, but they certainly deserve recognition a big "thank you" for going through the effort to create them and share them with the world.

(you'll be seeing some of these Deep Wars models from me eventually...)

Another underappreciated, wonderful piece.

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