Monday, May 6, 2013

Adepticon Diary - Entry #7 - Vendor Hall studio minis

This post shows some highlights from the vendor hall, mainly close-up pics of minis in the Cool Mini Or Not booth.  But first, let's start with Jeremie Bonamant Teboul's table, for his collective company, Figone.

Where all the other vendors set up elaborate booths, peg-boards, showcases, banners, and displays, Jeremie simply had 3 tables and a chair.  He dumped on the tables a knapsack of miniatures in plastic baggies and then sat down to paint.  Given all the hoopla at the other booths, guess where I spent the most money....

I love the painted squirrel on the left.  Apparently so did Jeremie.  He turned down an offer from a passing admirer to buy it outright.  Then Jeremie offered to paint for the gentleman a new and separate one for free!

I picked up 2 or 3 of these large-scale figures, along with a good handful of the 28mm minis in the baggies.  I justified the purchase, in that I didn't have to pay S&H all the way from France.

Zombiesmith was a pleasant surprise to see in the hall.  This is another vendor that is hard to find anywhere except direct from their website or at shows like this and Historicon.  I'm a huge fan of their Quar characters -- WWI-style aardvark dudes.  The display case is filled with the minis, which are a little hard to see, but you get an idea of what they look like by seeing the giant-scale version!  They also had yarn versions that a fellow vendor knitted for them last year, ha, ha.

Here are a couple of Hell Dorado figs from Asmodee, I think it is.

OK, here's one of the highlights of trip for me -- seeing the studio paint-jobs on the miniature lines for Dark Age, Wrath of Kings, and Confrontation Legends.  The non-metallic metal (NMM) treatment, weathering, color schemes, and blending styles were all illuminating for me to see.  I'll be studying these photos for some time to come to improve my own techniques.

Starting with Dark Age:

I love the metals and weathering here.  All NMM!

These are called Pud Throwers, ha, ha.

A 28mm paintjob that does total justice to Brom's original oil painting:

The new Kukulkani faction.  Love the colors.

And again, all NMM:

This griffon rider is from an independent range of figures, I believe.

Wrath of Kings models:

I bought the initial release of resin figures for the pig faction...

And finally, Confrontation Legends:


  1. Great pics! Thanks for the coverage!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Kelly! I'm glad to hear someone out there is following along. I hope to meet you at the MFCA this weekend. I hope to make it up there and give my diorama another showing, maybe with a few other minis.


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