Sunday, May 26, 2013

Painting/Modeling - Tau Devilfish

It's been irking me having the rings unpainted on the Devilfish's Gun Drones .  After using the model in a game two nights ago, I finally decided to get that done today.  With that done, I couldn't resist working on some more of the metallics, and then that led to finally taking that brave step towards trying some weathering techniques.

It's funny, I know I've had this model on pause for a while, but today I tried to remember when I last worked on it -- Christmastime!  That's a half year.  Amazing how the time flies by.

I wanted to see how the second half of the hairspray technique would work.  I applied alcohol to the areas where I wanted to scratch and rub.  I was surprised how fast and thoroughly the alcohol works.  If I hadn't been careful, I would have been able to wipe away the entire paint-job just using the brush that I used to apply the alcohol!

Now that said, the alcohol penetrated the first layer of white paint.  It really didn't penetrate the camouflage layers of paint.  I had to finally resort to using a metal tool to scratch down to the hairspray layer (which I ended up doing on only two spots on the nose).  I'm thinking the camouflage layer is tougher because the gray-blue paint was a Testor's spray-paint.  It might have been enamel.  I suspect that's what makes the difference.  If anyone knows, please comment!

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