Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday night gaming - Alkemy

My friend, Erik, and I continued to test-play a scenario for Alkemy.  It's called Spy Run.  Erik's Khaliman Republic in the upper-left corner need to carry a map to the opposite corner.  Only the map carrier needs to make it to the other side to win the scenario.  The Aurloks are waiting in ambush in the other corners.  The Aurloks don't know who carries the map.  The Khaliman don't know how the Aurloks are distributed between the corners.  The Aurloks must discover who is carrying the map in order to Raise the Alarm and call in the remaining 20% of their force to even the odds.

The only alchemical components available for casting formulas are attainable at the upper-center dais, at the rock.  The alchemists don't begin the game with components, only alchemical stones.  That makes the dais a tempting secondary objective.

In the first moves of the game, the newly-painted Toad Shaman discovers the map carrier right away!  It's not the amputee shown in this picture, but his twin, farther south.

At the end of Turn 1, the Aurloks are attacking from the cover of the forests.  The Toad did not have enough actions to Raise the Alarm; he'll have to wait until Turn 2.  In the meantime, Tecum'seh takes an initial stab at the map-carrier.

We had time to only play a portion of Turn 2, but it was exciting.  Tecum'seh finished off the map carrier and recovered the map.  The Khaliman commander plugged Tecum'seh with a couple of arrows to soften him up.  The beefy Auroch and his Khaliman counterpart duke it out in epic fashion, with the Auroch squeaking out the advantage with a Fast Attack and preserving his own health with his Toughness and the proximity of the empathetic healing Toad Shaman.

The game was left in a precarious balance, with Tecum'seh within range of carrying the map back to his deployment zone, but threatened by striking distance of several Khaliman models.

The Khaliman commander strikes a heroic pose.

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