Sunday, June 2, 2013

WIP - Kroot

Purchasing pre-assembled models is so convenient.  Granted, these guys don't have all the accoutrements or poses that I would give them, but that's fine when I'm just filling out the ranks.

I have more Kroot in the queue that are unassembled.  When I get my legs with my 1000-point list, I'll figure out how to prioritize expanding my Tau force to the next level.  But I would like to have the option to field two units of twenty, if I really wanted to.  Or several more smaller units.  I want to try the new Sniper option, and I look forward to adding the Krootox to an infiltrating unit.  I'm still irked that they robbed the Kroot of their close combat capability, but it is some small consolation that the Krootox can function practically with its unit, instead of hindering it.

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