Monday, June 3, 2013

Impromptu game - Warhammer 40K

My friend, Campbell, and I pulled together a relatively short-notice game.  For a Monday night, of all things.  I know, crazy!  Like, whoa, gotta slow down before I hurt myself - do I think I'm twenty years old again?

Anyway, here was my brief highlight during the game.  I had just finished wiping off a unit of 7 or 8 Wraiths, as well as popping one of those skimmers, located where that smoking crater is now, with my Piranha.  That's probably the first time my Piranha has ever done anything useful.  The Necron Warlord was whittled down to only Wound at this point, but he should have died.  Still, things looked promising with my Kroot outnumbering the one Necron unit sitting on their objective.

After this, it all exploded in my face.  The Necrons on the objective handily despatched an entire Kroot unit.  The Necron Warlord ate an entire unit of Fire Warriors for lunch, and the Scythe flyers deposited two fresh Necron troop units on my objectives.  I handed in the towel at that point.  But I learned a lot, and I had a few good moments.  Time to go back to the list-building drawing board, though.

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