Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lead Mountain and Potential Projects

This past weekend I made a rare (maybe twice a year) visit out to the far suburb of Chantilly, to the Games Parlor store.  Games Parlor stocks some old, old, old lines of miniatures, which, luckily, no one but me seems to ever buy.  I've made all of my most critical purchases already, so when I swing by, it's to pick out the remaining gems, such as these....

With a fresh game of Dystopian Wars under my belt, I'm motivated to add another squadron to my Prussian forces.  Here, I've filed some Jager Class Small Airships. 

The doo-hickey's on the right are the flight stands, yet to be magnetized and assembled.

The Jagers apparently specialize as submarine killers.  Submersibles haven't been a threat in my local scene, however, so I'm hoping I can use these ships effectively in another role.  I'm skeptical, though.  They're the same army-point cost as frigates, but they lack the firepower and boarding capability of frigates.  I suppose they trade firepower/boarding for the ability to fly and having a 360-degree Tesla weapon.  That part will be fun....

The Dragonpainting forum is featuring "Pirates" for their Monthly Painting Challenge....for the month of June!  However, I'm still tempted to attempt to crank out over the weekend as many of the pirates I show in the picture below.  I've been looking for the motivation to add the Pirate faction to my Freebooter's Fate game.  The Pirates are sturdier models than the fragile Assassins and Goblin Pirates.  I need the more durable human Pirate models so that I can offer them to other people to use.

I'm not keen on the Pirate henchmen that come with the starter box.  As much as I love Werner Klocke's sculpting, his Pirate henchmen look like a couple of dandies (the center-rear guys in the top-hats).  So I rebased the Privateer Press Sea Dog Crew to use instead.  I'll still use Werner's excellent Captain Rosso and Curly Ann (front center and far right).

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