Saturday, June 22, 2013

NOVA Open gaming convention and the Capital Palette painting competition

I have fewer pictures to show this week for miniatures and games, since I devoted a lot of my hobby time towards organizing the NOVA Open painting competitions.  I am pleased to say that we finally posted the information on the NOVA Open web-site.  I'm glad I can now point to the web-page, when I promote the event at various forums, clubs, and stores.

Speaking of promoting the event....go to the NOVA Open this Labor Day Weekend!  It's awesome!

How's that for sophisticated marketing?  Just do it!  OK, here are some details...

The NOVA Open is a gaming convention held in Washington, D.C., featuring a variety of tabletop miniature games, a Magic tournament, around two dozen hobby seminars, loads of vendors, and the Capital Palette painting contest.  For the Capital Palette's Best of Show winner, Cool Mini or Not awards airfare to Chicago for the 2014 Crystal Brush!

Think of NOVA Open as essentially the East Coast prelude to Adepticon, but with all the city amenities and famous, historical sites of Washington, D.C., only a couple of subway hops away.

The award trophies for the Capital Palette are, in my opinion, one of the most attractive trophies in the hobby.  Heavy, inscribed glass in the shape of the Washington Monument, they're practical for display and transport, as well as beautiful, tasteful trophies to adorn your shelf. 

In addition to trophies, Grex USA will award category winners with a Grex airbrush!

I'm ineligible to win one of these bad boys this year, since I signed on to be lead organizer and supporting judge.  Besides myself and local painter, Bob Likins, 3 more judges are on the panel this year, including Justin McCoy of Secret Weapon Miniatures as Head Judge, supported by Caleb Wissenback and Alex Akers, all three of whom have earned some assortment of Golden Demons, Crystal Brushes, etc.

Check out the categories, schedule of events, and other details about the Capital Palette on the NOVA Open web-site.

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