Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adepticon Diary - Entry #8 - Poker and Wrap-up

So this ends my Adepticon journey.  My buddy, Oko, hooked me up with a ticket to the Sunday night poker tournament. 

Customized poker chips - specially made for Adepticon
After a very fine dinner buffet, exclusive for the poker players (where Oko made off with half the desert tray to munch on later), we gathered in a conference room to play Texas Hold 'Em.  The rounds were timed -- the ante increased with each round, pushing out the weak hands.

The event started with around 7 tables of 10 people per table.  Every 20 minutes or so, the rounds rolled over and increased the ante.  After about 3 hours of playing, I shocked myself by surviving the eliminations to make it to the Top Table!

Not a bad stash.  The chips closest to me are the higher-value ones.

left to right:  the guy who took most of my money; Ben Curry of the Bad Dice podcast; Scooter, one of the Maryland contingent, and Warhammer Fantasy tournament organizer for the NOVA Open; some dude

left to right:  some dude; a volunteer dealer; Oko; some other dude

I was excited to finish in 6th place!  And I was happy to lose my final hand to my own local gaming partner, Oko, who went on to win 1st place.  Congrats, Oko! 

Everyone who made it to the top table earned some really nice swag, too, so I walked away with yet more miniatures and boardgames, including one gem, Blood Bowl Team Manager.  As if I have any more room for more toys.  But I'll take it!

And one final picture that didn't fit in with any of the other posts -- my celebrity pic with Ms. Joey Berry of the Warhammer Joey YouTube channel!  I love her British accent.  You rock, Joey!

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