Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Piling on the Lead Mountain

So in addition to the new Kroot Codex, I picked up a few other goodies this past weekend, when I took a break from painting my diorama for Crystal Brush.

While I have a lot of complaints about the aesthetic for the Tau battlesuits, I've always liked their vehicles, especially the Piranha and the Manta.  The new Sunshark is a solid addition to the arsenal.  Aesthetically, that is.  I have no idea if it's any good in game-play.

I can't decide if the missiles on the rear mount look cool or dorky.  I plan to magnetize it, so that I can swap it out for the the sleeker configuration.

I grabbed the new faction for Dark Age.  I would like to try out this game, but, unfortunately, it's pretty far down the list of games that I can afford to push on my gaming group.  This faction, though, the Kukulkani, have one of the more interesting backgrounds in the setting, IMO.  They're basically the alien race that the Central American Native Americans worshiped as gods.  And the color scheme is right up my alley.

Now this was an unexpected surprise -- the new series by Osprey, Myths and Legends.  I saw a sneak peek of this cover art, I think on Tabletop Gaming News, and I was absolutely blown away.  I think I might have seen it in ImagineFX, too.  I bought the book on the strength of its artwork alone.  Flipping through it made me feel like I was reading my grand-aunt's mythology book, when I was a kid.  Pretty cool, when something can bring back those memories and feelings.  Then again, I think it's a large part of why I enjoy this hobby so much!

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