Monday, April 8, 2013

WIP - Crystal Brush Diorama

So here's another sneak peek at the piece I'm working on for Crystal Brush.  This gobbo is one of a gorgeously sculpted collection by master sculptor, Jody Siegel, of Imbrian Arts.  His miniatures are probably my favorite miniatures of all time.  They're reminiscent of Brian Froud's goblins.  Brian Froud co-authored the 70's illustration book, Fairies, and he was the concept artist for The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.  The minis are too fragile to use as game pieces, however, so showcasing them in the diorama was a perfect use for them.

To give a sense of scale, that's a wine-cork that he's affixed to.

I've really enjoyed painting these guys.  And I'm practicing "painting in the fresh", which I'll be studying under the master himself, Jeremie Bonamant Teboul, when I take his seminar at Adepticon!


  1. Thanks, Bob! I'm starting to get really nervous about finishing in time!


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