Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally at Adepticon!

And it almost didn't happen.  My original flight was canceled!

I jumped in line for the gate attendant, to have my ticket transferred to another flight.  But the people on that flight had been waiting since the day before.  The whole system was that gummed up.

So I'm in line, utterly despondant that I'm going to miss my once-in-a-lifetime seminar with Jeremie Teboul.  One by one, they fit another passenger onto the alternate flight.  I'm up next.  They stop the line....

They close the doors to the walkway.  My heart sinks.

They spend a very long 10 minutes counting seats.

They have 2 more seats.  I make it on the plane.

I start breathing again.

The rest of the travel was fraught with more stress, but I'll spare you the details -- you get the idea.  At the end of it all, I was comfortably seated in a class with about a dozen other painters, taking personal instruction from Jeremie.  

What a fantastic opportunity.  That session puts the punctuation mark on the style and technique that I've been trying to develop and refine for years.  Bam!  It all comes together now.  I'm so glad providence won out today.  I am elated and motivated.

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  1. Providence indeed! Glad you made it and looking forward to seeing pictures.


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