Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adepticon Diary - Entry #4 - Warhammer Fantasy

Here is the Warhammer Fantasy tournament.  This shows only about a third of the event.

Here is the Maryland contingent.  Scooter is the redhead in foreground with his back to the camera.  He's talking to his brother, Caleb.  Beyond him, standing up and playing the game, is my gaming pal Oko, who was kind enough to transport my Crystal Brush entry up to Chicago on his roadtrip, and then transport it back, along with all of my purchases from the vendor hall!

Here is the most work I've ever seen put into building a "display board" for a Warhammer Fantasy army.  Incredible.  Where does he store it, and how does he transport it?! 

photo reused from Bad Dice Podcast Facebook album

Here is James Wappel's army.  He won best painted for the tournament.  He also won a Crystal Brush with one or two of the units, if I recall.

photo reused from Bad Dice Podcast Facebook album

photo reused from Bad Dice Podcast Facebook album


photo reused from Bad Dice Podcast Facebook album

A hand-made Despicable Me army.  Fantastic.  I wonder what army book he used, though...

Here is Ben Curry's Dark Elf army.  Ben Curry is the lead host for the Bad Dice podcast.  He and his two co-hosts flew over from England.  This was their first Adepticon.

Here is me and Mr. Curry...

Here is Gareth Dix, one of the other co-hosts.

Here is another massive display board.  Amazing work.

The top side...

What lurks below...   Skeery...

This is the Tomb Kings army that belongs to Mark Wildman, one of the other two hosts from Bad Dice podcast.  The dude has some real talent!


  1. I miss these days of Warhammer at Adepticon

  2. I know it, man. These are good memories.

    I suppose it's a new chapter in our hobby life, as well as in the industry overall.


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