Saturday, February 2, 2013

WAMP Challenge

I have accepted a WAMP Ladder Challenge from none other than Mr. Scott Radom, the Cool Canadian, the Shogun of Saskatchewan, the Bearer of The Naked Truth -- in both essay and portraiture.

WAMP is an online forum for miniature painters, arguably the friendliest one out there.  The Ladder Challenge is a friendly, members challenge, for bragging rights for a position on the pecking order.  I've never participated, but I felt the temptation, when Scott was fishing for a challenge that would coincide with another WAMP competition, this one a sponsored challenge by Wyrd Miniatures.  Well, what better opportunity to push me to paint my Ramos faction!

Now, Scott is more of a display painter.  He's played wargames in the past, but even then, he's painted each figure one at a time, as if he were painting for display.  So it took some convincing, but he agreed to paint an entire faction of at least 25 Soulstones.  We have about 8 weeks, I think, to complete the crew.  Scott picked the Ortega clan.

Here is the link to the thread, where he suggests the challenge.  I need to create another thread, where the gauntlet is formally thrown and where the trash-talk and WIP can be captured.  I'll copy a link to that when I get it set up.

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