Monday, February 18, 2013

Prep for Demo Day

I produced these handout cards to pass out to folks at Demo Day coming up this Saturday.  I also prepared the placard to place on the table so that passersby know what game we're playing, without needing to interrupt.  Folks are certainly welcome to interrupt and inquire about the game, of course, but this should preempt probably the #1 most common question.

I played a practice game with Oko, and I realized I need to prepare a simpler scenario for Demo Day, so I need to make time this week to test-play it.  And I need to learn Oko's models, too.

I made progress yesterday painting my faction (Aurlock Nation), but I overdid it on the paint additives, and so the washes have come out very glossy.  I want to paint some blends and simpler washes before I post photos.  Hopefully, I'll be able to recover the paintjob and reduce the gloss.

I also promised Oko that I would at least prime his models, if not lay down some basecoats.  All of this to do and only four more evenings to work on it!

The scenario will be a quick grab-and-go scenario. There will be 7 alchemical stones in the center. We'll have only 4 to 5 models per side -- no alchemists. Anyone who reaches the center can spend an action to gather stones -- the better the roll, the more stones they can gather. Then they have to exit their own deployment zone. Anyone who manages to bring stones off the table may use the stones in a later, advanced scenario -- using alchemists, who can use the extra stones -- if someone wants to play the "advanced" game.

Here's my WIP for the Aurlok Nation figs.  This is just basecoat and a few experimental washes.  As mentioned, I have a lot of work to counteract the gloss.  I also need to bring in some more color.  I need to attempt that fade-to-black effect on the Crow Thunder-Warriors -- that will help differentiate them from the Wolf Thunder-Warriors' beaks.  Lots of work to do on these guys.  But I love the models.

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