Monday, February 4, 2013

Terrain build - Canal District

At long last, I've started this project.  I conceived of it probably 3 years ago, thinking I wanted a Venetian-style canal district, something along the lines of images I saw in Rackham's renditions of their fantasy city, Cadwallon.  I can't remember if I wanted it for Malifaux or Freebooter's Fate first, but they were pretty close together, regardless, I think.  Then Carnivale came along and added yet a third application (and an even more appropriate setting, since Carnevale actually takes place in Venice!).

The project has been on my mind for a while, and I decided to use the upcoming Demo Day game day as a motivator to finally start it.  Demo Day is only 20 days away!  I'm not sure if I'm going to make it.  I still need to paint my Carnivale miniatures!  And that's on top of the WAMP Ladder competition, as well as painting figures to play Dust Warfare and Alkemy, now that folks in my gaming group have expressed interest in playing those games.

This weekend, I had to board the dogs so that I could help judge the 40K tournament in far-away Ashburn.  I took advantage of their absence on Sunday morning to break out the jigsaw, which would freak out the dogs if they were home.

I've been collecting materials for this project over the course of a year.  I probably have everything I need except enough cobblestone textured mat.  I may need to find more of that, which might be a trick, given the time-crunch.

The concept is to make modular boards that I can arrange in a variety of configurations.  I basically need platforms to place on a mat that will represent the water.  I'll add bridges and buildings on top of the platforms, forming streets and squares and whatnot.  I want to make it very 3-dimensional.  If I have anything at all ready in time for Demo Day, it will be a very basic form of what I eventually want to build.

Here are some of my initial cuts.  The assistants at Home Depot cut the MDF into one-square-foot squares for me, but there were hardly any edges that came out to 12".  Almost all of the edges were different lengths with skewed corners, so the first task was to salvage any 12" edges that I had and do some trimming.  I'll have two full-size square boards, several 12"x7"s, and then scrap, roughly 12"x5"s.

Some arcs should help add some interest to the layout.

Compression.  We'll let this dry overnight.  This was roughly a full day's work.

Next up:  carving stone into the sidewalls.

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