Saturday, February 9, 2013

Multiple project madness

I'm cranking the hobby into high gear.  Adepticon sent out their newsletter this week, and said there's only 10 weeks until Adepticon.  That was a real attention-getter for me.  I planned all of my projects thinking in terms of months; but when I heard how many weeks I have, that caused me to lurch!  I have yet to begin my diorama that I plan to build for Adepticon.  And between now and then, I need to prepare for Demo Day, and I need to paint a Malifaux faction for the WAMP Ladder Challenge.  On top of that, interest took off for Alkemy in my gaming group, so that brings Alkemy back onto the table.

So, in the last 18 hours.....

I hosted a painting party last night (Friday).  I planned to work on Malifaux, but I didn't have enough of my newer figures primed.  So I worked on Alkemy instead.  Honestly, I was more interested in working on the Alkemy figures anyway.  My buddy, Oko, and I are pretty pumped over the game.  As a matter of fact, I forgot to make a blog post for the game we played Thursday night.  Here's a pic and a link to more....

And here are my Aurlok Nation figs after laying down some base color last night.

Saturday morning, I primed all those Malifaux figures that were holding me back.  Along with Dust Warfare figs and Carnevale figs.

Saturday afternoon, I rode out to the suburbs to use NOVA Open's foam cutter.  Here are the street tiles for the canal district, now trimmed and ready to have the side walls carved to be stone walls.  The textured mat for the topside is on its way in the mail.


  1. Your blog could use a set of meters off to one side, measuring the progress of all your different projects. And then when you are within 10 days, for example, of a particular project deadline, the meter flashes yellow, etc. Right now, I'm concerned that I won't get everything done I want to finish for the demo games day at Dropzone in two weeks.... I can only imagine the sort of pressure you're feeling with Adepticon right behind.... In the meantime, good luck maintaining your sanity!

  2. Thanks for the support, Aaron. Yeah, I definitely feel the pressure. I need to decide by Friday what game I'm going to demo for Demo Day. I don't make enough progress on Carnevale, then I'll demo Dust Warfare, Alkemy, or Fantacide. But I'll still have plenty of preparation to do that final week!

    I'd like to see your progress on your blog!


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