Thursday, February 14, 2013

Project direction

I've assessed where I stand on my projects, having two imminent deadlines staring me in the face:
  1. Saturday, 23 Feb:  Demo Day!
  2. Thursday, 27 Feb:  NCMSS Presentation -- The Fantasy Palette
 The original plan for Demo Day was to demo one of the following:
  • Carnevale (goal)
  • Fanticide (backup)
  • Alkemy, Eden, or Dust Warfare (ruminated)
I decided that, while I could probably crank out miniatures in terrain for Carnevale (just barely), I don't have time to play the game enough to learn it inside and out, enough so that I could actually competently teach it. 

The same is true for Fantacide.  While I can substitute miniatures that I already have, I would still need to devise stats and rules and profile cards and other supporting accessories.

I've barely touched Eden.  The only thing I've done is clean the flash off of one model!

Dust Warfare is a good candidate, since I really don't need to paint the models for it -- I can use the pre-primed models as they come out of the box.  And I've played some games.  However, I haven't played it enough to feel confident teaching it.

Finally, there's Alkemy.  All the previous blather aside, it basically boils down to the fact that I'm most motivated to demo Alkemy.  I really dig the models, and I'm very impressed with the rules system, for the most part.  The rules are simple enough to learn and to teach, and my friend, Oko, and I have played a couple of games to work out some of the rules kinks.  Oko agreed to let me use his models for Demo Day.  I may even paint them up for him this coming weekend!

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