Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hobby time

Even though I've narrowed my focus to concentrate on preparing for Demo Day a week from now, I was nonetheless motivated to work on several projects at once today.

My latex flagstone mat arrived from Zuzzy yesterday, so that inspired me to work on my terrain tiles.  The scrap piece on top gives you an idea of the direction I'm going with this.

I finished assembling my Tiik warriors two nights ago.  They'll be proxies for Raashal fishmen for Carnevale.

More for Carnevale.  Here, I'm practicing making my own cobblestone bases, using ProCreate putty.

And here I am working on my WAMP Ladder Challenge with Scott Radom.  I'm practicing my Non-Metal Metallic (NMM) technique on the tiny Arachnids, before I attempt it on the larger pieces. 

I'm still looking for the right color combos for brass (the legs) versus bronze (the smokestack).  And I still need to work on knowing where to blend and where to draw distinct edges of color.  I'm studying Sergey Chasnyk (we7) to try to figure this out.  It might be a little silly to put an NMM Arachmid on top of a True Metal Metallic (TMM) manhole cover!  Oh well.  I'm just doing what I feel like doing.

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