Sunday, May 31, 2015

WIP - Wrath of Kings, Teknes Union Workers

Continuing on...

I airbrushed the basecoat. 

For the brown, I think I used Vallejo Model Air Tank Brown, or Vallejo Mud Brown, or a combination of both.  I know I used Reaper Burgundy Wine for the shadow. 

For the skin, I used Vallejo Model Air Skin Tone, but it really paled to a yellow tone, over top the white primer.  I didn't bother with a second coat, since I knew I would be applying paint with a brush at some point.

The spray pattern for my airbrush is pretty bad.  I learned later that I had already bent my needle-tip.  Grrrr..

Since I had nothing to lose, I removed the burr with a cosmetic emery board.  That improved the pattern, but I'll probably buy a needle kit to replace it.  I can also see if I can use the needle from the side-feeder, but I haven't gotten around to digging it out yet.

I don't like the direction that the color is going for the Union Workers.  After much thought, I decide I'm going to go for a black leather.  That will give a high-contrast backdrop for the shoulder-pads, swords, and heads.  For color, I'll paint striped leggings.  The crew will look like a rugby team!

I attempt to achieve a weathered leather look, by sponging liquid mask on the brown undercoat, before airbrushing on the black.  I used Microscale Micro Mask.  The experiment totally failed.  After airbrushing on the black, I couldn't figure out a way to remove the mask.  I couldn't even feel it.  It was like it had totally dissolved.  I tried using poster putty and masking tape to pull it off, to no avail.

Along the way, my Carnevale Kickstarter arrived from Vesper-On!  And a gremlin from their new, forthcoming game, Home Invaders, invaded my stash!  How cool is that!

I masked the swords with masking tape, and after airbrushing on Boltgun Metal, I airbrushed a filter made of my homebrew blue wash, a little burnt umber, and little Vallejo Thinner Medium.  The underside of the shoulder-pads got it, too.  I also experimented with airbrushing various tones on the underside of the skin.

Here, I added dark-lining, and I sponged on a highlight of Chainmail, followed by a brush wash of my homebrew blue wash.

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