Monday, May 4, 2015

Iron Painter Round 2 - WIP 3

So this is what happens when you attempt to soften plastic with naked flame...

Yes, the thing actually caught fire.  Lesson learned.

So I totally reconstructed the standard.

Meanwhile, I was building out the base.

And here's a preview of the story for the piece...


  1. The flags on the dark elf feel like they are defying gravity. Shouldn't they be more vertical? The elven flag seems to have some kind of tie around it that holds it in place so I don't think it needs anything.

    1. John, it was for that reason that I ended up lighting the thing on fire!

      I'm going to have to live with the pennants hanging unnaturally. There's not enough time to any more chances with melting the figures.

    2. Now I understand. I've never melted plastic on a model intentionally before. I think I'll have to give it a shot.


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