Monday, May 25, 2015

Miniatures games inventory

Well, just for fun, this question came up last Thursday during my weekly Hobby Hangout on Google Hangouts.  How many miniatures games do I have for which I could field one or more viable factions?

Here's the list, in roughly descending order, according to volume of miniatures.

·      Warhammer Fantasy:  Lizardmen, Dark Elves, Orcs & Goblins, Bretonnians, Empire, Skaven, Wood Elves, Vampire Counts, High Elves, Beastmen, Ogres, various
·      Confrontation:  almost all factions
·      Warhammer 40K:  Tau, Eldar, Orks, Adeptus Mechanicus, various
·      Various miniatures for RPGs
·      Dust
·      Malifaux
·      Wrath of Kings
·      Lord of the Rings / War of the Ring
·      Hordes (and a little Warmachine)
·      Dystopian Wars
·      Alkemy
·      Darklands
·      Freebooter’s Fate
·      Dark Age
·      World of Twilight
·      Carnevale
·      Deep Wars
·      Eden
·      Deadzone
·      Bushido
·      Historical – 15th – 17th Century
·      Historical – Mongols
·      Historical – Crusaders
·      Historical – Other: Dacians, Celts, Gauls, Greeks
·      Saga
·      Nemesis
·      This Quar's War
·      Wreck Age
·      Incursion
·      With Hostile Intent
·      Wargods of Aegyptus
·      Godslayer
·      Sphere Wars
·      Dystopian Legions
·      Uncharted Seas
·      Blood Bowl
·      Dwarf Wars
·      Void 1.1
·      Infinity
·      Dropzone Commander
·      Guild Ball
·      Brushfire
·      Arena Rex
·      7th Voyage
·      Shieldwall
·      Fantacide
·      Celtos
·      Crucible
·      Firestorm Armada
·      Arena Deathmatch

And I still plan to play about 75% of them...

And paint all of them.....


  1. just reading this gives me anxiety. There is just so much to paint there. I think it is better not to know how deep the painting well is. Knowing we will likely die with a giant unpainted stash is weird.

    1. Naw, dude, it works the other way. You can't die until you finish painting your last mini. At this rate, I'll be around to see the Horus Heresy in person.

    2. Sort of winchester mystery house-ish then!


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