Sunday, June 7, 2015

WIP - Wrath of Kings, Acquisition - Wolsung

Work continues on the Teknes Union Workers.  I'm devoting way too much time on blending the skin, but I've almost forgotten how I used to approach assembly-line painting.  I've been struggling to find that compromise between wet-blending and my old wash style.  I'm also struggling to adopt the style of painting up to the highlight, which is totally contrary to my wash style.  I think I'm about 65% to 75% there, after painting 12 of these pigmen.

Here, I show a before-and-after comparison, where the model on the left shows the base-coats from airbrushing and initial washes, and the model on the right shows blends of the mid-range colors.

Here, the model on the left has been painted to the same level as the model on the right.

Here, both models have been highlighted.

And after several hours....

I still need to work on details:  eyes, teeth, tongues and gums, spittle, etc.  And that's just the face.  I still need to work on the rest of the model and then the base.  And that's just the first unit.  I think I might be taking half-painted units to CMON Expo and then passing some time completing the paint-jobs there, hopefully in the company of some of the pro painters who will be there.

On the acquisition front, one of my Kickstarters arrived.  This is the updated version of Wolsung, a steampunk/fantasy miniatures game.

The package also included a sweet game mat.  I plan to get dual use out of the game mat and those buildings; they will be excellent for Malifaux.

Here are the miniatures and accessories.

And one of the coolest items -- a personalized measurement stick!

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