Monday, September 2, 2013

NOVA Open & Capital Palette

NOVA Open is "done and dusted", as they say.  The Capital Palette, for which I was responsible as a chief organizer, saw a very respectable turn-out, in terms of both quantity and quality.  There were some phenomenal figures on display, across all three Divisions:  Fantasy, Historical, and Sci-Fi.  We saw a tremendous cross-section of model manufacturers, painting styles, and creativity.  We met and surpassed my goal to expose the breadth and depth of the hobby to the convention-goers.

Here are the cabinets on Friday morning, already showing a solid turn-out, compared to the previous year.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the presence of mind later during the convention to take another photo to show the competition at its height.  Suffice to say, we filled all the cabinets.  Good thing NOVA Open purchased two, new floor-units!

As a first-time co-organizer, I have to say the experience was exhausting and stressful.  I was certainly prepared for the inevitable snafus and brushfires, but the trials thrown our way were of the lightning-strike variety that I'm sure every organizer fears as worst-case scenarios.  The good news is that we all worked as a team to deal with the emergencies and work our way through them.  Thank you, to all the NOVA Open staff who lent a helping hand!

But miniatures are the first order-of-business, so let's take a look.  Again, my own opportunity to take photos came to an end by Friday evening.  But I'll share a few of my own, and I'll link to other sites and add them to the list below, as I become aware of them.

My photos of 40K tournament armies.
My photos of an Infinity gang.
Flames of War and Capital Palette, from the Itty Bitty Soldiers blog.
Joy Schoenberger's entries, including her Gold for Historical Single, on MamaGeekMinis blog.
The official NOVA Open gallery.  All podium awards shown here, plus galleries for the larger convention, plus archive galleries.


  1. Congratulations on a successful weekend! So bummed I wasn't able to make it. I'm really looking forward to seeing pics of the winners.

  2. Thanks for the support, Sean! It means a lot, given the challenges we've had over the last several days.

    I think the photographer will be posting pics of the winners to the NOVA Open web-site. In any case, the newsletter will give everyone an update and a link, so I'll add the link to the list here, when I get it.

    I hope to see you and your work next year!


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