Sunday, August 18, 2013

WIP -- Trollblood solos

I was on a short beach holiday, but I towed along my painting kit and managed to squeeze in a little bit of painting time.  Still sketching colors, for the most part -- feeling out the direction I want to go. 

I'm most pleased with the caber-thrower so far.  I love the concept and the character's expression.  The sculpt is truly a miniature work of art.  The pose conveys the weight, balance, and strain of the caber.  The sculpt is also a good balance of smooth surfaces with complex surfaces. 

The other characters have way too many doodads and filigree on them.  Which is a complaint I have about the Privateer Press aesthetic, in general.  But models like the caber-thrower make up for it.  Plus, while the doodads and filigree are a little tedious, and they're brain-burners for color-choices, their textures make for some brainless slapdash-style painting, so that helps even it out.

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