Friday, September 27, 2013

Mountain of Mayhem - Godslayer

With all the recent activity associated with NOVA Open and the NCMSS show this past month, I'm a bit behind on posting to the blog.  I've accumulated a backlog of items that I've added to my "lead mountain", or "grey horde", or whatever else folks like to call the evidence of their addiction to this hobby.  I'll call it my......Mountain of Mayhem!

I'll roll out the goods to the blog gradually, starting with one of my Kickstarter pledges -- Godslayer.

Here are the two full-size soft-cover books.  The top book contains the world setting, and the book below it contains the rules.  They come in this very fine slip-cover:

The world setting is impressive.  I get the feeling this guy has been writing this background for 25+ years, since he was a kid.  The style is old-school fantasy, hearkening back to the classic Worm of Ouroboros of the 1920's.  Worlds float in a breathable aether, and the races are reflections of classical history and mythology.  It's great to see a fresh take on a fantasy setting -- something other than yet another Tolkien derivative (much as I love Tolkien), and yet something that still feels familiar and appropriate...mmm....classic.

Now I wish I could say as much positive about my first impression of the rules.  My initial take is that they are just another basic skirmish rule-set.  There's nothing that sets it apart at first blush.  And it continues the tradition of not allowing pre-measuring -- one of my personal pet peeves.  But, hey, I will reserve further judgment until I play a proper game.

The miniatures are nice (and metal!).  The poses are dynamic, and the sculpting is skillful and painter-friendly.  I look forward to working on them. 

I purchased the Greek-styled Halodyne faction....

and the evil Banebrood to challenge them in battle....

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