Monday, September 30, 2013

Grim Angus

I'm calling him done.  There are a few things I could do to touch him up, but my interests have moved on.

While I'm half-tempted to finish the rest of the Trollbloods I started this past month, I need to use my time wisely.  The prospect of playing Hordes with these miniatures any time soon has fallen to the wayside.  Therefore, I must steer my energy towards nearer-term gaming opportunities and/or competitions.

This week, I redirect my attention to the Orcs & Goblins.  Or more specifically, the Goblin Squig Riders.  They are the one unit I still need to paint in order to play the Regiment of Renown variant of Warhammer.  A 40K campaign is also on the horizon, so that opens the door to Tau, Kroot, Eldar, and Orks.  I will definitely take advantage of that opportunity to finally build and paint the Gnarlock beasts.

Tonight is the final deadline for the WAMP forum's online contest for the Darklands range of models by Mierce Miniatures.  I already submitted my entry, the wicked "Scar-Scath" vermin lord!  I'll post the montage of that figure to my blog in a day or two.

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