Sunday, July 28, 2013

WIP - Small airships for Dystopian Wars (Part 2)

Added the stripes and some highlights before applying the oil wash.

And finally, my first oil wash.

The jury is still out.  I'm not sure if it's a big enough difference from acrylic washes to go through the trouble.  I wish I had thought to wash some of the models with acrylic washes so that I could compare them side-by-side.

I'm also unsure of what I thinned it with.  I had collected a thinner in a spare jar, and I'm not sure if it's enamel thinner or mineral spirits (or both!).  I was surprised to see the pigments separate a little bit.  It was easy enough to mix them back in solution, but I didn't expect to see a separation.

The wash seems to be drying very quickly.  I won't have a chance to do any more for another night or two, so I'll have no problem continuing with the next step, but I'm going to test it a little bit to see how quickly it dries.

In other ADD painting news, I threw down some base colors on these goblins that have been in my back-log for at least a year.

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