Monday, July 1, 2013

WIP - Pirates for Freebooter's Fate

Sunday Night

This is the progress I made over the weekend for the DragonPainting forum's Pirate-themed monthly challenge.

The paintjob is pretty sloppy for now, while I'm still laying down base colors.  It will tighten up when I lay down the washes (I hope!).  I'm keeping everything desaturated for now, and I'm following the studio colors for now (except for female pirate, Curly Ann -- I'm experimenting with an alternate scheme), so that I don't have to think about it.  However, I'm not crazy about every color theme, so I'm holding off on some models so I can see if another theme pops in my head. 

I'm glad I didn't attempt to complete this project over just this weekend. I'm glad they extended the contest for a week -- I'm going to need it!

Monday Night

I still have a ways to go for basecoat colors, but I'm definitely over the hump. Still motivated! Although it looks like the two dandies are about to get kicked off the island....

Thursday Morning

Just about ready for washes.  The time-consuming part for this session was painting the three sets of stripes.

I've lost interest in the two dandies, for now, although I do like their hats, and I do think they add some offbeat character to the unit as a whole.  But in the interest of making the deadline, I'll set them aside for now.  Besides, now that I've seen some of the creative ideas for them out there on the interwebs, I actually want to give them some thought.

Saturday Morning

Initial washes.

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