Monday, July 8, 2013

Finished - Pirates for Freebooter's Fate

I still have some details and touch-ups to do, but this is what I posted to the Monthly Challenge - Theme: Pirates, on the Dragonpainting forum.  Here is the link to view all of the entries.

As I mentioned on the forum, it sure helped having a time-box to crank out a project that I've had waiting in the wings for probably a couple of years now. I can now introduce Freebooter's Fate to my game group!

I began to stall out on about my 5th session, which is why it really helps to time-box a project like this.  I typically stall out when it's time to do the detail work and the NMM. This challenge was helpful to force me to paint NMM really fast. I was hoping that I would have some revelations by speed-painting NMM, but nothing jumped out at me. Maybe after I sleep on it a little. But the practice is always productive, even if it just develops more muscle memory.

Regardless, I'm pleased with the result, given that I invested only one calendar week.

For the full WIP series see this post.


  1. Very cool. When you have time I would like to discuss painting faces. I need to up my game.


  2. Sure thing, Bob. Faces are not my forte, but I'm happy to share what little I know.

    One interesting thing I discovered from painting Curly Ann. While I meticulously painted her tiny sculpted eyes, staying confined to the shape of the eyeball, I realized afterward that the studio painter painted outside those lines, making her eyes much larger. It's probably more cartoonish than realistic, but I couldn't tell the difference until I had actually painted it myself. I made a mental note of this to use for future face-painting. I may try it out on Curly Ann so that I can learn just how far the studio painter pushed the boundary.


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