Sunday, July 21, 2013

WIP - Small airships for Dystopian Wars

Picking up from a few weeks ago (prior to the interruption of the Pirate crew), here are my Jager class airships, alongside 3 newer models sporting Tesla weapons on the topside, primed sometime during a spare moment last week, followed by a basecoat. 

Yes, I'm thinking of a predominantly gray color.  The distinguishing feature will be an iron cross decal.  Other than the Tesla weapons, there's not much else that stands out from the model.  However, I still find the general shape and appearance to be very cool.   I need a way to bring out the lines and shape of the dirigible for the Jagers.  For the other ones (forgot their name), the focus should be the weapon.  I want to make it look very mechanical, but it's going to be hard to bring out the details on such a small model.  I'm going to try oil washes for the first time.

Added metallic basecoats today.  Testing the look -- nothing final.

I actually used a bronze-gold color on the Tesla weapon, but it doesn't have enough contrast against the copper and steel mechanisms.  I'm going to need to highlight the gun with a gold that is more yellow, probably.  I want it to look like a shiny brass, though, not gold.

I hope I can paint the rear elevators with the black & white stripes of the other aircraft, but I'm not sure if it's going to work as well on the smaller width.  I'm thinking a grey-blue for the vertical stabilizer.  I could also see the whole bunch of them painted a dingy Red Baron red, instead of the gray.

I'm not crazy about the wing structures being painted steel, but they are a continuation of the front sidebeam, which I do want to be steel.  Hmmm....

Actually the front, the sidebeam, and the wing structures are painted Tamiya Platinum, which is an alcohol-based paint.  I like the unique color, but I've decided I don't like alcohol-based paint.  It gets too viscous, too fast.  I tried it in my ceramic well palette, and it just gets goopy.  It doesn't work on a wet palette either - it separates.  I'm sure I'm probably attempting to use the wrong tool for the wrong job.

What are alcohol-based paints best used for?

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