Friday, March 15, 2013

WIP - Ramos - Steamborg Executioner

I was hoping to finish this guy last night, but...
  1. I'm spending more time on the non-metallic metal (NMM) than I planned (and it still needs work)
  2. I painted myself into a corner with respect to what color to choose for his claws.

 I originally imagined painting a lobster-style or crustacean-style mottled pattern, but there's very limited area available to make it apparent, unless I use extremely vivid colors, which I think would be overkill for the figure as a whole.  I'm now thinking of a heavily weathered bronze.  The orange-olive-brown will help it stand out as its own element, and the blue-green patina will help tie it to the other colors in the model. 

I would love to paint it with true metallic metals (TMM).  I think TMM would really convey the sense of heavy, dangerous machinery.  Unfortunately, I did the entire faction in NMM.  On one hand, TMM would help the claws stand out that much more, but on the other hand, TMM would be inconsistent with the NMM.

What does my audience think of the claws' color choice?  Of TMM vs NMM?


  1. I like the purple on the legs--buy I think an exception for the claws will prove the rule (or something like that) for the consistency of the faction. Those claws look like they belong to the prizefighter of the force while the tiny arachnids and the master seem to play more supporting roles on the field of battle, so don't be afraid to break with the scheme to call attention to those claws!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Aaron! I went ahead and painted it NMM bronze. I'm really pleased with the effect I achieved -- this project has definitely given me the occasion for some good practice with NMM. It's not something I am always going to do, though, given the time investment (although I am getting faster).

    While I'm pleased with how I pulled off individual elements of the model, I'm not sure it works as a whole, at least as much as I would like. But it's good enough, given the timebox I allowed myself.

    I'll be posting pics, once I figure out how to submit to the WAMP Ladder first. Even then, I think I'm going to wait for my worthy opponent to finish his project, so that we can post them at the same time.


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