Monday, March 4, 2013

WIP - Ramos faction for Malifaux

Here are 'before' and 'after' pics of the Steampunk Arachnids.  I only worked on the brass legs this session.  I played it safe so far and only made a straight gradient.  I added only olives to the yellow, as opposed to the prototypes in the back which had some orange along the way.  Now I can compare them side-by-side and decide whether to be more adventurous and attempt chrome-like ground-sky contrasts and/or add some oranges.  There's not a lot of area to work with to make transitions.  Makes it tough for me to achieve a range of high contrast.  I lean away from a ground-sky theme, since 1) I've never done it, and 2) I like the thought of brushed brass rather than shiny brass.  However, it might be easier to achieve the ground-sky effect of polished brass, given the small area.  It's been educational.  I think I'll work on the rest of the model before deciding how to proceed with the legs.

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