Saturday, March 30, 2013

WIP - Crystal Brush Diorama

I'm only going to show teasers for my Crystal Brush diorama, since I want to save the final view until after the competition.

Here, I'm working on the display base.  I'm trying to think ahead about how to transport such a bulky and fragile item on a bumpy flight to Chicago.  I have in mind securing the base to a fixed board on the bottom of a carry case.  I bought a tap kit, so that I can bolt the base to the board.  The two holes are the tapped cavities for the bolts.

On the top side, I used wood glue to adhere a layer of cork sheet.  I've been lugging around a giant roll of cork sheet for almost twenty years.  I knew I would eventually need it!......

Some of the figures for the diorama will be pinned, but some others will remain on bases, because I think I risk damaging the leg of the mini, if I drill it for pinning.  The cork gives me an easy option to affix pinned minis or carve out holes for the minis on bases.  I'll integrate the bases into the ground by laying down modeling paste to form the ground.

Here, I distressed a column that I'll probably add to the scene.  I might prepare a second one as well.  I'll need to fill the top so that it doesn't appear hollow.  I'll glue on a fine layer of sand, I think, to give it a more stony texture.

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