Monday, December 3, 2012

Battle Report - Warhammer 40K

This game was the first time I had the pleasure to play on Steve's spectacular 40K gameboard. The board succeeds phenomenally in imparting the flavor of 40K. Add to that the enjoyment of expertly made Stingers by the gracious host, and you have the recipe for a great evening of entertainment.

The line-up between our two army-lists is the finale for our 1000-point match-ups. We'll be moving on to 1250 next. We also plan to play to the scenarios better, in order to break up the tactical patterns we've gravitated to. To wit, Space Marines run across the board into the Tau/Eldar static firing line. The Drop Pod tries to dismantle a flank while the Kroot and the Jetbikes try to rescue said flank. While this game played out to this pattern overall, the primary and secondary objectives helped force some different target priorities and maneuvers.

Check out the full pictorial battle report on the Picasa site.

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