Friday, November 30, 2012

Game night

Thursday evenings are our semi-regular game night at my friend Oko's house.  Oko can fit up to four tables in his basement.  This week I played a game of Dystopian Wars with my pal, Erik, and Oko played a game of 40K with our pal, Wyatt.

Erik and I are still learning our ground forces, so we played a dedicated land/air battle of 800 points.  The missions were rolled straight out of the Field Orders in the book.  I had to destroy half his forces, and Erik had to destroy my Core force (all the land units).  This first photo is half-way through our opening move.

This game is the first time I used my land models on their clear acrylic bases.  I wanted to see if I prefer leaving them clear or basing them.  I could go either way, but I prefer leaving them clear.

My favorite models in my force so far...

The enemy Bombards, War Gyros, and Air Fortress...

A mess of destruction.....

With concentrated fire, I managed to take out the enemy's main battle tank, that walker with the four legs towards the upper left.  My small tanks sent rocket troopers to assault one of the War Gyros and succeeded in overpowering its crew, leaving it a floating derelict.  With those two main units defeated and a lot of the smaller units damaged, my worthy opponent ceded the battle.

At one point in the game next to us, we heard a mighty uproar.  Checking out the excitement, we marveled at Wyatt's win-or-lose roll of the game....

Yup, that's the real deal.  He rolled straight 1's.  That's one chance in 7,776.  Time for Wyatt to play the lottery.  Here's how happy he is to know how he "beat" such lose the game in such grand, cosmic fashion.

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