Sunday, November 4, 2012

Terrain for Dystopian Wars

This is a project I've wanted to do for some time, and I finally felt motivated to test the concept.  I wanted to make modular land-masses that would be easy to store and offer multiple configurations.  I wanted the "tiles" to be non-skid on my vinyl sea-mat.  I had the idea to adhere heavy upholstery fabric to drawer liner, using rubber cement.  I had no idea if it would work, though.

Here are my materials.

Rubber cement and thinner.  Drawer liner and fabric.  A draft graph for landmasses, drawn on transparency squares to test different combinations.

Geddy the Schnauzer is unimpressed so far.

I learn that my drawer liner is 18" wide.  My original graph assumed I would work in 2'x2' squares.  Back to the drawing board, literally.

It works!  The rubber cement seems to work.  The fabric absorbs a lot of it, but maybe it absorbs only the thinner, leaving the rubber cement on the surface.  These are my first four tiles.  I have material to make two more, plus small pieces for "caps"and "bookends".

Add some hills, and I'm ready for river harbor or canal entrance scenarios.  I plan to add a bridge going across the river.  I also have plenty of Spartan's resin terrain, so I have all sorts of ideas to make modular, story-driven scenarios.

Geddy is still unimpressed.

The first photo was taken in the morning, and this one was taken in the evening.  Geddy did move between the photos, but he seems to have a natural position.

Ready to store!

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