Monday, December 10, 2012

Alkemy Aurlok Starter Box

This is the first modeling I've done with small resin figures.  I worked with resin with Dystopian Wars models, but they're very different.  The DW models are geometric, whereas the Alkemy minis are organic, and the DW models are made of a hard resin, whereas the Alkemy minis are made of a softer and more pliable resin.

As a matter of fact, the spear for the figure on the left was extremely bowed, and I had to use the hot water trick to straighten it out.  It's the first time I attempted it, so I tried a cautious (and lazy) approach first, by holding it under hot running tap water.  It seemed to work at first, but the spear returned to its bowed shape by the next morning.  I then tried a more extreme technique, by dipping each end of the spear in just-boiled water for about 3 seconds, shaping it, and then quenching it in ice water.  That worked.

I'm using the 25mm 'Desert Basin' bases by Secret Weapon.

The Alkemy models are smaller than I thought they'd be.  I respect Allan Carrasco's sculpting and Jeremie Bonamant Teboul's painting for this range even more than I did before, now that I know how miniscule the detail is!  I'm going to have a challenge matching Mr. Teboul's paintjobs.

I still need to work on filling gaps with green stuff before priming.  And I have the Eden and Carnevale models waiting to be built.  At least they're metal -- something I'm more familiar with.  I also have the Reinforcement box for the Aulochs, and I'm motivated to put those models together, too, to join their brethren and show a proper force on the tabletop.

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