Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP - Various

I finally have the minimum number of Goblin Wolf Riders to make a legal unit for Warhammer.  Can't wait to have these guys rampage all over the board.  Sure, in-game they're an expendable throwaway redirecter, but I've always loved the imagery and style of the Goblin Wolf Riders.  Before all is said and done, I'll probably have two dozen or so of these guys!

So I'm setting myself up for an ambitious 3 months.  I have the prospect of playing 3 games that I've been itching to play but for which I haven't met any willing opponents -- until now.  In preparing for Demo Day #4 to be held in late February, I met someone who plays Alkemy and Eden.  So I'm going to attempt to prepare one faction for each game in the hopes that we can play any or all of them for Demo Day.  On top of that, I hope to demo a game of Carnevale myself.  That project is especially ambitious, since I need to not only paint two factions, but I need to build my canal district!  All of that on top of organizing Demo Day, preparing material for the Appearance Judging and Art Competition for NOVA Open 2013, and preparing presentations for the NCMSS!  Something's going to have to give -- I just don't know what it will be yet.  Probably Alkemy or Eden, at least.  But at the moment, I have the itch to at least assemble these models.

Here's a selection of thematic post-apocalyptic bases to swap out for the generic bases for Eden.

Carnevale.  Doctors of Ospedale will be my faction.  Patricians will be for guest players.  I might be able to fit in the Rakshaar Cthulu-like fish-men, too.

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