Sunday, February 4, 2018

Tale of 3 Gamers - January Closeout and February Kickoff

We made it to our first major checkpoint for our 3-month challenge.  Everyone submitted their units for January, and we now plan our next unit for February.

My Pyg Bushwackers, ready for action!

Funny thing about the coonskin cap. I saw a dead raccoon on the side of the road, and I thought, "Darn, I totally missed the coloration on my Pyg Bushwacker -- shoulda been more grey...".  I know, kinda gross.  But Roman Lappat talks about viewing the world with that "artist's eye", and that's what happens.

Chris's Exemplar Errants.
I really like the color scheme on this unit.  It's a little hard to see in the photo, but I think the capes are a nice deep purple, which I think will look great on the tabletop, against the cream and gold colors.  Chris had to spend a lot of time on the gold filigree for this unit, so he still has a few tidbits to finish.  But these would look great on the tabletop, as they are.

Derek's Warpborn Skinwalkers (and hero, Morraig)
Derek got a 2-for-one for January, in that he painted that hero-dude, Morraig, in the front, in addition to the Skinwalker unit.  He may have another photo later, with a backdrop and all that.  If so, I'll post it in the mid-February report.

Speaking of February, since it's a short month, I will be working on a smaller unit -- these here Trollkin Runeshapers:

My February goal.
I picked up this unit at Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie, Maryland, while I was on a business trip.  Their expressions and animated poses crack me up, and I like their concept, which is that they are kinda like hedge wizards, in that they're pretty much a one-trick pony when it comes to magic - which is flinging rocks.  I like the versatility of having a ranged option for a small-cost unit of full-size trollkin.

I hope this unit will be a good palette-cleanser, before I have to tackle the 10-model unit of Scattergunners.  But after doing the prep and assembly for even just 3 models, I am swearing off purchasing any more models made of "restic" (a blend of resin and PVC plastic).  I can't stand the stuff, because it's a pain to trim and remove mould lines.  Maybe I'll change my mind, if they're a pleasure to paint.

I can't find my notes on what the other guys are painting, but in the interest of getting the blog post out on time (roughly), we'll just have to see what they are on the mid-month status report.

We think Ray dropped out of the challenge, so we're back down to 3 Gamers, instead of 4.

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