Sunday, February 26, 2017

WIPs for Adepticon

Orcs of the Behemoth
Two Trackers and Kolghor

I decided on the right-sized and right-motivated project to work on for Adepticon.  I never had the opportunity to actually play a game of Confrontation, despite shouting from the rooftops forever, applauding Rackham miniatures.  So I'm finally composing a 200-point list to line up some pick-up games and learn the rules.

There's actually a Confrontation tournament scheduled for Adepticon, but I'm not a fan of tournament formats, and it would consume too much time, and it would conflict with one of the painting seminars that I signed up for.  Still, I hope to meet some Confrontation players and kibitz with fellow Rackham fans, since it's a rare occurrence to gather them from across the country into one location.

This WIP shows the "color-sketching" stage.  I'm really pleased with the direction they've gone.  I've been trying to get my head around this style for a long time.  There's still a lot of refinement to do.

I have three more models waiting in the wings, already color-sketched.

Friday, February 17, 2017

"The Rage"

I finished the figure that I wanted to paint for my friend, Owen.

I considered painting striped pants and tattoos, but I ran out of time.
And the tattoos were really going to push my freehand skills,
so I decided to "play it safe".
A Convict Gunslinger for Malifaux.
"The Rage" is Owen's nickname among his NOVA Open fans.

I wanted to thank Owen for two things:
  1. Giving me his back-catalog of White Dwarf magazines, which I have enjoyed immensely (and will continue to enjoy for some time to come, since I have enough back-issues to keep me entertained for a few years!).  I missed the hobby during its heyday in the 90's, and flipping through these old White Dwarf magazines has been a satisfying way to experience the hobby "for the first time" vicariously. 
  2. I also wanted to thank Owen for all he does to help organize and run the NOVA Open.  Owen volunteers a lot of his free time and energy to be an executive board member; plan the convention throughout the year; coordinate volunteers, vendors, and contributors; build and manage much of the IT infrastructure; run events; build terrain; and much more. Incredible dedication.
Thank you, Owen!